Residents voice their opinion on election investigation


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – “Just because it’s hand counted doesn’t mean that it is always accurate too because there is always room for human error,” Janet Rowland, Mesa County Commissioner said.

In pursuit of the truth, whether they are in support of County Clerk Tina Peters or against, answers is what Mesa County residents seek.
“It’s no surprise that everyone is divided on which stance they take. whether they believe there is fraud or not, I think its imperative that we find the truth, whatever that truth is,” Jacqueline Anderson, Mesa County resident said.

Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold said in a news conference that Mesa County must replace it’s election equipment after a security breach at the County Clerk Elections office. The on-going investigation caused an enormous turn out at the Commissioners meeting, where several residents shared their opinion on other secure voting options.
“A lot of people want to go back to paper ballots, you know yes there is probably going to be some human error in there, but you got a lot of people who are standing behind that call to action and want to figure out how we can somewhat do a reset,” Anderson said.

Then there’s the opposing view,
“It’s not a way to go, its 2021 and if you don’t trust any system that’s tied to the internet, we are going to shut our whole county down,” Scott Beilfuss, Co-chair Mesa County Democratic Party said.

Although County Clerk Tina Peters denounced an investigation by the Secretary of State, the District Attorney is conducting an investigation themselves.
“It seems really sketchy to not want to investigate if you feel confident that we are the gold standard, let us look, prove us wrong,” Trisha Carson, Mesa County resident said.

As Mesa County resident’s search for answers, Commissioners want the public to know, they want the truth.
“We are in the pursuit of truth, we want that very much, we just simply don’t have all the facts right now,” Commissioner Rowland said. “We hope you will be patient as we are trying to be and wait for the results from our district attorney,” Commissioner Rowland said.

Residents may have gotten to voice their opinion today, but will have to continue to wait for answers.

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