Retro Video Games Speak To The Future

Some see video games as a fun pass time, but others video games as their future. 
Dozens has a chance to jump into the past when it comes to video games in a Retro Gaming Tournament.
“It’s something about retro that really just brings people in,’ says Digital Art student, Cyan Lopez. “It’s fun and you know, everyone’s heard of it, everyone just has a blast playing the classics anyway.”
Even though before some of their time, these games still bring out their competitive side.
“I remember it has a lot of different controls and it’s fun and there’s a lot of old nostalgia with all the old games,” says Koby Johnson, one of the tournament participants.
For the students at Western Colorado Community College, seeing these games gives them excitement for the future.
“What I have always picked up on is the simplicity,” says Lopez. “That’s just something about going into like simple and clean.”
Even their professors say, spending time with the controller is just as educational as time in the classroom.
“These games, I mean, there’s a lot involved,” says Josh Meuwly, a teacher of Digital Art and Design at WCCC. “There’s programming involved, design of the characters, how the moves work, how their really learning on what to do in the future gaming as well.”
Students don’t just see these as games to be played, but also as art to be created.
“3D, it’s a huge field,” says Lopez. “I mean, the game industry towers over the movies, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I see myself going into video games. It’s an interest of mine so I would enjoy it either way.”
It’s now their time to take control of their future.
All proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Digital Art and Design program at Western Colorado Community College.

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