Safestop App See Success

District 51 parents are using the school bus tracking app and happy with results

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - A quick download, one touch, and you can know exactly when your child's bus will arrive.

District 51 parents are some of the few that now have access to the Safestop App.
"You've got so many variables that can occur on a daily basis, between construction and bus break downs, things like that," says Shane Anderson, with Student Transportation of America. "So Safestop is a real live ability for parents to login and keep that stress free feeling about what's going on and where they're bus is going to go and when it's going to show up."
But the app isn't just for parents. Many students are not utilizing it, making it easier for them to let their parents know when they'll be home safe and sound.
"We're finding that the large majority of the individuals using the app are current students," says Anderson. "They're tracking their buses. They want to know when they're coming. So it really allows the students to plan their day accordingly as well."
According to STA, utilizing this app has already created an increased feeling of comfort for many local parents.
"We manage a very high volume of calls regarding 'where's my bus',' says Anderson. "We can monitor the buses using GPS, and we can communicate immediately to parents."
So instead of patiently waiting for a bus to arrive, there's a new option, pull up the app and at let the worries go down.
The app can be downloaded for both Andriod or iPhone by searching

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