GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — After Palisade’s Winefest weekend, neighbors in Rio Vista noticed neighbor 77-year-old Suzan Harris’s car had been missing for about two days.

Neighbors went to Harris’s house and found her front door open. They said the TV and many lights were on in the house but no sign of Harris.

Neighbors called Palisade Police who later brought in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Highway traffic cameras do not show Harris’s car leaving the state.

Roxana Gaynos, one of Harris’s longtime friends drove from Alaska when she heard she was missing. Police checked airports and are waiting to check local canals once they have been drained.

Suzan Harris’s car is a tan 1998 Toyota Corolla with a Colorado license plate. If you have seen Harris or have any information, please call Palisade Police or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.