SNAP Proposal Will Cut $4.5 Billion Over 5 Years



The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or (SNAP) is in place to protect Americans from hunger.

Now, the program is facing a possible $4.5 billion cut to its funding, a cut which could change things drastically.

The cut would mostly impact unemployed or underemployed adults without dependents. Feeding America says, “Specifically, adults ages 18 to 50 who do not receive disability benefits and do not have children are only able to receive SNAP benefits for three months, over the course of a three-year period, unless they are working at least 20 hours a week or taking part in an approved workforce program or training.”

The Food Bank of the Rockies helped serve 8 million meals last year on the Western Slope, and they’re prepared to help a lot more. Sue Ellen Rodwick says, “We have 2 mobile pantries to help people bridge that gap if they don’t qualify for SNAP. Our mission is to help people who need food assistance in whatever way we can.”

According to the USDA, 40% of Colorado families that use SNAP would see benefit cuts. “1 in 8 Coloradans do qualify for SNAP, and only 1 in 12 are receiving the benefits. So, we do encourage people to not be turned away by this new ruling,” says Rodwick.

For more information on Food Bank of the Rockies programs call 211, or click this link:,2920%20or%20visit%20their%20website.

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