Special Olympics Colorado host State Summer Games on CMU Track


Athletes kick it into gear at the Special Olympics. Teams from both Colorado slopes rally up to show off their athletic skills.

Each participant presents their ability to be active, giving people something to notice.

“They are competing their best, they are succeeding on and off the playing field or the track,” Megan Scremin describes, “It’s amazing to see all the success that they don’t only show themselves the confidence that is built the friendships are built by how they then go out in the community and really show everyone all of the incredible abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

When it comes to performance, the endurance goes beyond measure.

“Whether it’s track, shotput or any sport you throw at these athletes, they are ready to show everyone what they can do,” Cora Dickey reports.

One of the top reasons Special Olympics Colorado love hosting events in Grand Junction is the heavy support and warm embrace received by the local community. Knowing people see talent over what’s thought as limitations lights a bigger fire for athletes to compete.

Michael Marincic exclaims his love for running and competing, wanting to go faster and never stop.

Special Olympics is a competition made where differently abled people get embraced for being active then awarded for it. For many, the race is already won from the starting line.

If you’re looking to catch the next meet, a series of classics are happening in August including cycling, softball, and tennis.

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