BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Thousand of surgical masks are being distributed across Colorado but the rollout process has been confusing for some. Several locations were said to be offering masks but weren’t.

The Broomfield Public Library was listed as a location to get a mask by Colorado but it was closed this week. Masks were instead distributed in Broomfield at the Paul Derda Recreation Center.

The Department of Public Health answered for that on Thursday.

“We are moving as rapidly as we can to always respond to the next set of needs,” said Scott Bookman, with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“For some locations, it was best to pivot to other locations,” Bookman said.

In Broomfield, mask distribution will move to the library, starting this weekend.

The masks are being distributed across the state, five to a household, at locations listed on the CDPHE website. CDPHE reported 100 more locations are signing up to give out these masks. The state said to check the website before you go to any distribution site to get your masks.

“Go to the website first. The only sites that are listed on the website are active and have the ability to give out masks,” Bookman said.

One community, the City of Fountain, said they’re getting calls. A spokesperson for the city said they have yet to receive masks from the state.