I-70 to open Saturday afternoon

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Conditions on I-70 were once described by Colorado Department of Transportation officials as, “unlike anything they have seen before.”

Now that the mud and debris is nearly clear, Governor Polis visited Glenwood Springs and describes the damages to I-70 as something out of this world. “We find that the major damage is about a 15 foot pothole, you might call it a pothole from hell,” Governor Polis said.

Crews are currently working to clear all the debris from the roads from the previous mudslides. Governor Polis arrived in Glenwood Springs today to check out the current conditions of I-70 after being granted emergency relief funds from Washington.

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“We put the Federal Emergency Declaration in, Federal Government have already released $11 Million, 10% of the total request,” Governor Polis said. “That’s enough to get a lot of these emergency repairs. we also have a medium and long-term plan.”

On I-70 near mile marker 123.5, you couldn’t stand on the road over a week ago let alone drive the highway. Governor Polis just announced his plan to work with CDOT to get the road open by Saturday afternoon.

I-70 may be scheduled to reopen, but with weather permitting, more short-term closures could be in the future.

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“As long as we have dry weather, we should be able to open Saturday afternoon with one lane each way for about a quarter mile stretch then two lanes open for the rest of it, and full functions back by Thanksgiving,” Governor Polis explains.

Governor Polis was joined by many CDOT and state officials, who all have been working tirelessly to get I-70 reopened and allow Coloradan’s to continue their way of travel.
“The actual roadway is safe, so when we have one lane open, we will have traffic pushed to the North side, while we are repairing the South side of the West bound lanes,” Keith Stefanik, Deputy Chief of CDOT said.

The destructive damage to I-70 will continue to be of concern across the next several years. Governor Polis alongside CDOT have established both medium and long-term plans to combat the power of Mother Nature.

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