GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – A nonprofit based in Grand Junction is striving to fill some positions, 28 to be exact. Strive has been on such a hiring frenzy, that the help wanted is needed as soon as possible.

Positions currently available are with vocational and residential programs. Someone with no prior experience starts on a salary of 26 thousand dollars that grows quickly over time and experience.

“There’s opportunities all along the road to find different places that you might find them interesting,” Doug Sorter informs, “You can move up into where you have more responsibility develop your skills and become even better compensated.”

The benefits package starts on your first day.

“When you work for a nonprofit like Strive, it’s not just an office job with good pay,” Cora Dickey reports, “Projects like hosting a benefit concert happen on a regular basis, so you can go outside and have fun while on the clock.”

Employees take their skills to the community for hands-on projects like the Garden Groove Summer Concerts. In two years, one employee got promoted from support professional to operations manager.

On top of great medical, dental, and maternity leave, she finds the atmosphere among coworkers to be a bonus.

“All walks of life come here to work as a group to give our individual is just the best quality of life,” Morgan Hurshman shares, “Just these awesome opportunities we have just so many different backgrounds so many awesome people here to work as a team that we have just absolutely loved everyone who walks in the door”

The Strive organization has a job open for someone like you. The growth potential is real as Strive’s own Doug Sorter started as a direct support professional and is now vice president of the organization.