Students Honor Tope Elementary Teachers


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Students and their families at Tope Elementary School said ‘thank you’ to teachers and staff Tuesday by hosting a drive-by parade.

“I feel like the teachers here are more than just teachers, we are a big family,” said Sarah Queen, parent to a 5th grader at Tope.

Families just wanted to find a way to show their appreciation.

:”They were such a consistent presence for my kids during a time when the world was so uncertain,” said Emily Kempton, parent to three students at Tope.

According to Sarah and Emily, the teachers and staff have been keeping hope and learning alive.

“There was no manual on how to online-school so many kids and so many different platforms,” said Kempton.

“This is a really different time for us in this unprecedented year and many of the teachers are feeling isolated and lonely just like the students,” said Carrie Bollinger, Principal at Tope Elementary School.

The teachers were feeling the love from students during the parade.

“We miss our students so much and so just to have some, you know, visible contact with them and to see them and just feel that love, felt really good,” said Bollinger.

“I was surprised that the tears came a little bit from all of us,” said Kempton.

The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been an emotional ride, during a difficult time.

“I know it’s not been easy for parents or teachers, so we appreciate all of the effort that they put in,” said Queen.

“This is a year they’re going to remember for the rest of their life and you were there for them and you were consistent and you were happy and joyful and you made such an impact on our family so thank you,” said Kempton.

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