GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Valley weather is wrapping up the year on a frosty note. Freezing temperatures on top of the snow pileup has more people getting the same idea when it comes to ringing in the new year.

“We’re gonna stay in with grandkids and one of my daughters and my sister,” Grand Junction Resident Maggie Wyatt shares, “We have a bottle of champagne, just gonna pop it.”

The snow may seem relentless, but so is CDOT with updates, encouraging drivers to know before you go.

“We’re asking folks to take it easy, make good choices behind the wheel,” CDOT Region 2 Communications Manager Michelle Peulen elaborates, “Be aware that trips may take a little bit longer so pack your patience.”

Avalanche mitigation has State Highway 65 closed off for seven miles near the Grand Mesa. It’s highly advised for you not be driving in this weather if your tires lack adequate traction.

“What is adequate? We wanna make sure you have at least 3/16 tread on your tire 3/16 of an inch so you can make sure that you’re abiding by those traction laws,” Peulen explains.

CDOT crews have snow plows working 12 hours straight every day since before Christmas. If you see a snow plow, the best place for you to be, when on the road, is behind it.

“We do ask that you bow to the plow,” Peulen addresses, “Make sure that, when you’re traveling, give all the respect you can, make sure you give them some space to do their job.”

There’s one huge tip for all drivers for the winter weather, holiday weekends, and beyond:

“Make sure that you are not driving impaired. There’s absolutely no reason to do that. Get to you destination is early today. We hope to have a good New Year moving into 2022.”