The Haunted ‘Shoot’ House


Fear with Fun

The Rocky Mountain Gun Club is at it again. After having the ‘Magnificent Challenge’ earlier this year, RMGC event coordinator Terre Fry is bringing us the Haunted Shoot House.

At their location, there will be a haunted house where people of all ages can go through it and defend themselves against zombies and maybe some other ghouls along the way.

Participants under 15 years of age will use a Nerf gun. Anyone 16 and older will use an air soft gun.

KREX 5’s Troy Lynch and Mike Kretz got to try it out before it officially opens October 4. Needless to say, the ‘Shoot House’ lives up to the creepy hype.

The Haunted Shoot House will be open every Friday and Saturday until the end of October. The employees change up the simulation every week so there is always something to be scared about.

It’s $10.00 to participate and starts Friday October 4.

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