Newly laid flowers now blow in the wind along with books, and litter at the site where Warren Barnes was brutally murdered, decapitated, dismembered, and mutilated on February 27, 2021.

After living a nightmare for nearly two years in pain and anguish, Brian Cohee Jr’s many victims will suffer in silence no more. On the 15th day of the People V Cohee, victims confronted the murderer face-to-face in courtroom eleven at the Mesa County Justice Center sharing the tragic lifelong impacts of Cohee’s horrific actions. More than a dozen of Warren’s family and friends spoke, including his sister Geraldine, who warren called on her birthday, February 26; just one day before his murder. She told the court since the murder she’s been filled with a deep sense of loss, and sadness because she will never get a call from her brother again.

One of Warren’s nieces said Cohee hurt his own family, plus hurt everyone with ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorder, and will burden every taxpayer in Colorado throughout his life in prison.

one of Barne’s cousins said Warren had a thirst for knowledge and reading. She said Cohee’s diabolical drive to become a famous serial killer in the end, ironically, brought her fragmented family together.

Another family member told the court being homeless doesn’t make a person’s life less valuable. She reminded them warren was not a throw away person.

Finally, the friend who took the picture of Warren seen by so many said the hardworking man who was so giving and loved birds will never again repeat the phrase, “And, you also,” after she told him good morning.

Barne’s family and friends aren’t the only victims. Nearly every person sharing their impact statement also expressed sympathy for Cohee’s family, especially Terri Cohee, the defendant’s mother. Mrs. Cohee told Warren’s family members what happened tears her apart, and apologized to the jury for having to witness so many traumatic images and hear the heart-wrenching testimony. Terri says she continues to live in a place of darkness and sadness. She ended her statement by begging the court to show Brian mercy and asking for better mental health care, saying the odds were stacked against Brian Jr from the start.

Judge Richard Gurley said after 37 years of serving different capacities in the court system including 16 years as a judge, this is one of the most horrific cases he’s ever experienced. Judge Gurley sentenced Cohee to the rest of his natural life in prison plus 13.5 years without parole.

Justice served, and while Warren is gone he will never be forgotten. Some of Warren’s family members told KREX they choose to remember Warren where he was known and loved at his memorial in Downtown Grand Junction, not the murder site.