Troy’s Terrific Trails: Mt. Garfield


On the first episode of ‘Troy’s Terrific Trails’, our sports reporter Troy Lynch decided to show you Mt. Garfield. This trail is a ‘must hike’ because, almost no matter where you are in the valley, you can see Mt. Garfield’s peak.

This hike is a tough one  with a 2,000 foot climb to the top and will take roughly three to four hours. There are technically two different trails that will lead up to Garfield’s summit, but the trail head where it is a steep incline is where the Mt. Garfield’s. The beginning of the trail is arguably the hardest and scariest part of the hike.

As you’ll climb a narrow and steep path that will tire you out and make you take plenty of breaks early. After a good amount of climbing you will see a half mile marker. You are about a third of the way to the top. Then there will be a portion of flat trail, but it won’t last long. More climbing! But, don’t be discouraged because the top is worth all the pain.

On the decent, take it slow because the loose dirt can be a hazard as Troy fell a couple of times. On the way down it will take way less time than going up and you will be at the bottom in no time.

Trail Recap:

  • Go early
  • Pack light, but bring plenty of water
  • Take breaks early and often
  • If you are afraid of heights, bring a friend
  • Go slow on the way down
  • View at the top is incredible

Difficulty: 8

Worth it Rating: 10

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