Two women seek to help local organizations through pillowcases


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo – For this dynamic duo, Sharon and Lorraine help those in need through pillowcases. Sharon has the fabric and quilting skills, where Lorraine presents the finished products in her shop, the Village Hare.

After 20 years of quilting, the mission behind this passion is not to make money for themselves.

“If I go to a store and they’re demanding in a certain amount then that becomes a job,” Sharon Orr points out, “That’s not what I want I want to do it because I’m bringing happiness to me and whoever gets them.”

What both women want is to find organizations nearby to either give pillowcases to or the profit that comes from them. They’ve already managed to help multiple groups outside Colorado.

The next step is to get back to the original plan of sharing these creations locally.

“When this whole adventure started, Sharon only had a resolution to make one pillow case a day,” Cora Dickey informs, “That resolution turned into a hobby which turned into a mission to help homeless youth.”

Sharon and Lorraine collaborate for the entire project. Designs include sayings that can be inspirational, smart, or funny.

From their efforts, one saying in particular has been quite popular lately.

“Believe has been one of our best pillowcases everybody wants to believe because I think it just touches people’s hearts,” Lorraine Haskins shares, “It just means something you can believe,” Sharon Orr adds.

The Village Hare has pillowcases up for grabs as part of its boutique. All that’s asked in return is a 15 dollar donation.

The last donation Sharon and Lorraine were able to make was 500 dollars to the Laurel House.

If you’re an organization who would like to get in on these pillowcases or someone who’d like to support this cause, Sharon and Lorraine can be contacted at the Village Hare located at 2249 Broadway # 7, Grand Junction, CO 81507.

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