MOAB, Utah. (KREX) — Hundreds of thousands pass through Moab every year, but only a few thousand people live here full-time. They’ll tell you living in a small town has benefits, but one drawback is accessibility – specifically to college.

Utah State University associate director Samantha Campbell tells that the university makes an effort to reach young adults in rural Utah.

Utah State University opened its brand new Moab campus in April of last year, but USU has had a presence in Grand County since 1967.

USU’s new campus is the first division of all 30 to be officially net-zero, meaning it produces more power through renewable energy than it actually needs.

This is mainly done through solar and geothermal.

Utah State University students now get a full welding shop, something non-existent in the old building. And it’s paid off.

The school features work from a student who took third place in a worldwide welding competition, just last year scoring 726 out of 800.

Samantha tells me in addition to world-class welding instruction, nursing is their top program.

Nine faculty members will serve about 100 students this semester.

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Hopefully, a new campus will give other students in this small town and surrounding areas opportunities they didn’t have before.