During the Vietnam war, not all Americans gave veterans who served a warm welcome home. But over time, that changed – today those veterans get the full respect and honor they deserve.

As a crowd gathered at the Western Slope Vietnam War Center, there was music and a memorial tribute.

The tribute included music, rifles, speeches, information tables, bikers, and an abundance of American flags.

Bikers waved the red, white and blue as they drove off.

The crowd mostly consisted of veterans and families, with veterans fulfilling the promise of never leaving a brother behind they made to each other in boot camp.

Gary Parrott, an air force veteran and commander of the Grand Valley Combined Honor Guard, tells me he is there for the same reason.

Leonard Mcloud, pipe major of the Rocky Mountain Scotts, says he and his group are honored to take part in the event as well.

The names of the soldiers are displayed at the base of the stage, for all to remember.

The memorial brings most families comfort and ensures the names of the fallen will not be forgotten.