Web Exclusive: Abortion Debate Comes to Colorado


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Planned Parenthood recently announced it plans to spend $45 million in the 2020 election, in a campaign aimed at supporting abortion rights.

The Colorado Secretary of State has approved a petition to move forward in collecting signatures for a potential ballot initiative banning abortion after 22 weeks.

Vicki Cowart, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains says, “It’s a public health crisis, and Colorado needs to be on the right side of that crisis we need to be able to provide healthcare to patients not turn them away or make matters worse.”

Vicki says voters in the Centennial State have voiced their opinions on abortion rights numerous times, “Colorado voters have been very clear three distinct times with ballot initiatives where the voters said in large, large margin that they believe that a woman ought to be able to make this decision, this healthcare decision, on her own with her doctor, and nobody else needs to be in that conversation.”

Dr. Tom Perille, President of Democrats for Life of Colorado, aims to persuade voters in the opposite direction, “Colorado petitions are beginning to be circulated to outlaw abortion after 22 weeks, Democrats for Life in Colorado are strongly in favor of that legislation because we think it’s an area where virtually all Coloradans can agree that a 22 week old fetus is a viable human being.”

Valeria Herrera with The Pregnancy Center in Grand Junction says, “While having an abortion at 22 weeks is still a difficult thing for the pregnancy centers, it is better then than having an abortion all the way up to birth.”

It all comes down to when you believe a human is a human, at birth, or at conception.

“I believe that there’s been a narrative pushed by abortion rights activist which dehumanizes the embryo and fetus,” says Dr. Perille.

Many argue, pro-life principles infringe on women’s rights. Cowart says, “They’re not intended to help women make better decisions, they’re not intended to help women’s health, they’re not intended to do anything other than restrict a woman’s ability to make her own decision about her healthcare.”

Currently, in the state of Colorado, it’s a decision left up to women.

“This so-called choice for an abortion when you dig deeper its frequently coercion,” says Dr. Perille.

“We know that abortion actually hurts women it doesn’t necessarily help them,” says Valerie.

Valerie feels that abortions are a short term solution, which may come with long term risks, “When a woman has an abortion a lot of times she can get post abortion syndrome which is similar to PTSD.”

Vicki says access to free contraception is the key, “If you let women have access to contraception, you don’t put barriers in place like cost, women can control their fertility, they can reduce unintended pregnancies and consequently, reduce abortions, it’s a very simple equation.”

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