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Which winter shower curtains are best?

As the seasons change, so should your decor. Updating your shower curtain is a wonderful way to feel a little festive and combat the winter blues. There are tons of fun prints and tasteful designs out there to adorn your bathroom. In addition, when the days grow colder, a thicker-fabric shower curtain can help keep all that cozy warmth in your bathroom. 

Choosing the right winter shower curtain will depend on a few factors, such as your shower size and personal aesthetic. However, you can’t go wrong this winter with the Decoreagy  Minimalist Tree Branch Shower Curtain.  

What to know before you buy a winter shower curtain

Wintry themes

From snowy forests to cute winter critters, there’s no shortage of wintry images for bathroom decor. The best winter shower curtains depict a variety of wintry themes so that you can really get into the season. Popular images and motifs are snow-covered pines, forest animals, snowmen and holiday decorations.

gradient shower curtains

If you want something a little less on-the-nose, look out for minimalist takes on wintry themes, like soft-white, gradient shower curtains or tree-branch silhouettes

Warm shower curtains

A good winter shower curtain doesn’t just have to be about showing the season. It can also be about making sure every shower is warm, cozy and relaxing despite the frigid temperatures outside. This means investing in a shower curtain made from thick fabric instead of vinyl. With luscious weaves like waffle-knit, cotton shower curtains provide that insulating heft you need so cold drafts don’t sneak into your precious bath time. 

Styling a winter shower curtain

Depending on your bathroom’s decor, you’ll want your themed shower curtain to fit right in. If you’re just opting for warmer, thicker fabric, then it’s all about getting the color right. If you’re trying to work an image or pattern in, you’ll need a little more finesse. 

For minimalist, modern and contemporary bathrooms, look for wintery depictions that are more graphic than detailed. Silhouettes, shapes and simple patterns are great ways to introduce some winter vibes without going kitsch.

For homes that have more of a rustic, boho or cheerful aesthetic, classic winter images from snowmen to polar bears and decorated pines are the best way to bring joy to your bathroom.

What to look for in a quality winter shower curtain


Shower curtains are primarily made from three materials. These determine how easy they are to clean and how long they last. 

  • Vinyl: For those looking to add some wintery visuals to their bathroom, vinyl is the most affordable and easiest material to print on. It isn’t as warm as its fabric counterparts, but you won’t find as many detailed images on cotton if the latter concern matters most to you. Best of all, vinyl is totally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a liner.
  • Polyester: Combining the waterproofing of vinyl with the texture of cotton, polyester shower curtains are a good middle ground between warmth and function. Like cotton, you won’t find as many printed polyester shower curtains, but there are some out there. These are machine washable and durable.
  • Cotton: The luxurious option for those seeking warmth, cotton is plush, heavy and premium quality. These shower curtains aren’t waterproof, however, so you will need a liner. Make sure to wash it once a month in the washing machine. 


Not all showers are the same, and finding the right size can be a hassle when the standard shower curtain is 72 by 72 inches. Walk-in, alcove and corner showers can all benefit from narrow curtains that are about 36 inches in width. If you have a freestanding tub or a tub with more than one side exposed, you’ll want an extra-wide shower curtain between 108 and 180 inches. And for those with high ceilings, opt for an extra-long shower curtain, which ensures your curtain will touch the floor and keep the water in your tub. 

Grommets vs. hooks

Shower curtains mount to your curtain rods in one of two ways: via grommets or hooks. Grommets are sewn-in, circular holes at the top of every shower curtain’s hems. These are typically reinforced with rustproof steel or plastic. Grommets make installation easy. You just slide or clip the curtain on, but they do prevent your curtain from pulling completely taught, so it will dry slower.

Hooks are hopped curtain-rod accessories that have small clips so you can attach your grommets to them. They slide to and fro across your rod with ease, but can be a little finicky when it comes to installation. 

How much you can expect to spend on a winter shower curtain

Shower curtain cost is dependent on its size and material. Vinyl ranges between $5-$25. Polyester and cotton can cost much more, starting at around $30 and going all the way up to $120 for particularly luscious weaves. 

Winter shower curtain FAQ

Can I reuse my shower curtain every winter?

A. If you’d like to bring out the wintery theming every year, you don’t have to worry about the cost and waste of frequent replacement. Even vinyl shower curtains can last a couple of seasons before you need a new one. In order to ensure the longevity of your shower curtain, make sure you wash it frequently and use a liner, no matter the material. While you might only get two seasons out of a vinyl curtain before the print crackles, fades or succumbs to mildew, cotton and polyester shower curtains can last for ages if properly cared for.  

What if I want a wintery color instead of a graphic or print?

A. Winter means something different to everyone. If you’re looking for a color to capture the mood of the season, think about meaningful holidays and their associated colors, for instance. These can be paired with a thick fabric for warmth and festivity. If holidays aren’t your thing, opt for darker tones rather than vibrant colors like light greens, yellows and oranges. 

What’s the best winter shower curtain to buy?

Top winter shower curtain

Best Decoreagy Minimalist Branch Shower Curtain

Decoreagy Minimalist Branch Shower Curtain

What you need to know: With tree branch silhouettes on white, this minimalist shower curtain can work with many design schemes. 

What you’ll love: This polyester shower curtain looks great in rustic, boho and modern homes alike. The barren branches present a beautifully intricate graphic that captures the mood of the season. It comes with 12 hooks. The fabric is treated for water-resistance. 

What you should consider: The hooks are on the cheap side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top winter shower curtain for the money

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Winter Dogs Shower Curtain and Hook Gift Set

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Winter Dogs Shower Curtain and Hook Gift Set

What you need to know: Depicting a wintery scene of dogs playing and skiing among pine-topped, snowy hills, this cute shower curtain is sure to uplift those who see it. 

What you’ll love: The rich red speckled with snowy white dots and the winter scene below is perfect for the holiday season. This shower curtain is purely polyester and it comes with 12 decorative snowflake hooks for easy installation. 

What you should consider: You can only get this in 72 by 72 inches. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Barossa Design Cotton Blend Shower Curtain Honeycomb Waffle Weave

Barossa Design Cotton Blend Shower Curtain Honeycomb Waffle Weave

What you need to know: White as the driven snow, this deluxe, waffle-weave shower curtain will transform your bathroom into a spa. 

What you’ll love: Made from 100-percent cotton, the Barossa shower curtain in alpine white is the best way to keep the heat in while you shower. It comes in extra wide, long and narrow sizes. The rust-free grommets require hooks. 

What you should consider: You’ll need a liner to protect this curtain. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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