Which tower fan is better, Lasko or Omni?

A portable fan can be an effective tool for creating a comfortable breeze in the home or office, and a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning. Although a fan doesn’t lower the air temperature, it creates a cooling sensation by increasing air circulation and the evaporation of sweat. As a result, a fan is most effective under mild conditions but less effective as a substitute for air conditioning on a hot summer day.

Portable fans are available in several styles, including box, pedestal, floor, table, bladeless and tower. The tower fan is portable and inexpensive to purchase and operate. It can be placed anywhere, consumes little floor space and operates safely in a small room.

Both Lasko and OmniBreeze make quality tower fans at affordable prices. But which is better?

Lasko tower fans

Founded in Philadelphia in 1906 by Henry Lasko, the Lasko company makes small household appliances including fans, heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers. It offers a comprehensive selection of tower fans, in several sizes and a variety of designs to match most decors, both modern or traditional. Lasko sells fans at prices ranging from $70-$90, while some other manufacturers’ fans sell for over $300.

Lasko tower fan pros

  • Portable: The tower fan’s small footprint and light weight make it easy to move, reposition next to a window to bring in outside air or transfer to another room.   
  • Oscillation: Air is distributed to a wide area for more efficient cooling.   
  • Nighttime mode: The control display is automatically dimmed at night so the light won’t disturb you while you sleep.   
  • Air purification: Some Lasko tower fans offer an ionizer filter, creating a healthy environment. The feature is helpful to those who suffer from asthma or allergies and helps clean the air for young children.   
  • Safety: The fan blades are housed inside the unit and covered with a plastic grill that protects children, pets and anyone who gets too close. The fan can safely be carried to another location in the room, even while running. Most Lasko tower fans have a built-in handle for easy transport.   
  • ETL listed: Lasko tower fans comply with the Electronic Testing Laboratories safety standard guidelines that safeguard from electrical faults and ensure stable product performance.   
  • Remote control: Many Lasko fans include a remote to provide control of the fan from anywhere in the room.

Lasko tower fan cons

  • Unstable: A tower fan is top-heavy, so it tips over more quickly than a box fan and is best placed away from foot traffic.   
  • Less air movement: Tower fans push less air than window or box fans.   
  • More expensive: Lasko tower fans cost more than the OmniBreeze tower fan and are more expensive to operate than a box fan.

Top Lasko tower fan

Best Lasko Wind Curve Portable 42-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Wind Curve Portable 42-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan

What you need to know: It has a slim design with a small footprint that fits with most decors and keeps bedrooms, offices and medium-sized spaces cool without air conditioning. 

What you’ll love: The three-speed fan offers a multi-hour timer and a nighttime setting that automatically decreases fan speed and dims the light for a peaceful night’s sleep. An ionizer provides fresh air. The remote controls the timer, oscillation, speed, ionizer and on/off. 

What you should consider: It’s slightly top-heavy and a bit unstable on its base. Buyers found it works better placed in a corner than in the center of the room.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top Lasko tower fan for the money    

Best Lasko Oscillating Outdoor Tower Fan

Lasko Oscillating Outdoor Tower Fan

What you need to know: This is ideal for use on a patio, deck or porch to cool the area and keep irritating bugs to a minimum. 

What you’ll love: Four fan speeds, including a quiet Night Breeze mode, provide the perfect speed for maximum comfort. The internally oscillating fan uses louvers to direct air over a wide area. A 10-foot cord allows placement where the fan is needed most, and a built-in handle makes it easy to move.

What you should consider: At high speed the fan is noisy, and some owners say the oscillating feature only works well if you are sitting right next to the fan.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Best Lasko 36-Inch Oscillating Three-Speed Tower Fan

Lasko 36-Inch Oscillating Three-Speed Tower Fan

What you need to know: This space-saving 36-inch tower fan distributes air at three speeds and oscillates from side to side to cool smaller areas, such as a home office or small bedroom. 

What you’ll love: Electronic touch control and a multi-function remote make it easy to change speeds. A built-in timer with LED display automatically shuts the fan off in one-to-seven-hour increments. The fan includes a convenient carry handle for portability, and the system is assembled in minutes. 

What you should consider: Some users report the fan is noisy and produces a weak airflow even at the highest setting. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Omni tower fan

The OmniBreeze tower fan is offered in a single model 42 inches high. The fan offers many features found on competitors’ tower fans, including multiple speeds, oscillation and remote control. The OmniBreeze bears the ETL Verified mark, indicating independent testing to confirm the fan meets the industry’s operational and safety standards. The OmniBreeze tower fan is less expensive than most Lasko fans, at around $60.

OmniBreeze tower fan pros

  • Affordable: Inexpensive compared to other tower fans.   
  • Portable: It’s compact, fitting into any corner, and can be moved easily with a convenient carry handle.   
  • Multi-speed: It has four speeds: ultra quiet, low, medium and high.   
  • Three breeze modes: Normal, natural and sleep mode.   
  • Oscillation: The fan is designed with a wide oscillation for efficient cool-air distribution.  
  • Timer:  A built-in timer can be set from one to 15 hours and includes an automatic shutoff.   
  • Remote control: All fan functions can be controlled remotely.

OmniBreeze tower fan cons

  • Noisy: The fan makes excessive noise at all speeds compared to the competitor’s fans. 
  • Unstable: It wobbles at higher speed settings.    
  • Low air output: The fan circulates less air than Lasko fans at lower speeds.   
  • No air purification: The fan lacks an ionizer filter or other method for purifying the air.

OmniBreeze tower fan

Best OmniBreeze 40-inch Tower Fan

OmniBreeze 40-inch Tower Fan 

What you need to know: This portable fan with a small footprint produces a smooth, quiet air flow with a widespread oscillation to cool a room. 

What you’ll love: It offers four speeds, three breeze modes and a built-in automatic timer controlled with buttons on the top or a full-functioned remote control. Powered by batteries, it doesn’t need to be located near an outlet but can be placed anywhere. 

What you should consider: Some users say the fan seems unstable at higher speeds, wobbles slightly on a carpet, and circulates less air than expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Lasko or OmniBreeze tower fan?

Both Lasko and OmniBreeze offer tower fan features that help create a comfortable room. Lasko, though, offers several fans at affordable price points, with options, such as air purification, not available on the OmniBreeze fan. While OmniBreeze is a good choice for the budget buyer looking for a basic tower fan at the lowest price, Lasko offers more options.

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