Which budget baby boy toys are best?

Buying suitable toys for your baby can be challenging and expensive. And since babies grow up so fast, some toys may not entertain your child for very long. Luckily, several brands make durable, affordable baby toys. For example, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy Walker is an educational toy ideal for babies six months and older.

What to know before you buy a budget baby boy toy

Types of budget baby boy toys

  • Walking toys: These toys are excellent for helping your baby learn to walk. Many include handles your baby can hold onto and wheels that are easy to move. Most also have lights and sounds that keep children engaged.
  • Stuffed animals: Soft, animal-themed toys are always a favorite among children of any age. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reminds parents that stuffed animals may pose a suffocation risk if your baby sleeps with them. It’s best not to give your baby a stuffed animal while they sleep, but they’re an excellent toy for cuddles outside the crib.
  • Musical toys: Toys that play music are excellent for keeping your child’s attention. Many musical toys have responsive buttons that play songs when your baby presses them.
  • Teething toys: Babies begin teething between 3-7 months old, and teething toys can help ease their pain. It’s best to buy teething toys made of safe materials, like silicone. Also, stay away from liquid-filled toys.
  • STEM toys: STEM toys help your child learn science, technology, engineering and math skills. Many STEM toys for babies teach word association, numbers, shapes and colors.


Babies love toys that respond to their touch. Many baby toys light up, produce music and talk to your baby when they are squeezed, pressed or shaken. Additionally, interactive toys often have educational elements.

Age range

Ensure that the toy you buy fits your baby’s age range. Many plastic toys aren’t suitable for infants but may be ideal for children 6 months old and up. On the other hand, toys meant for 2-month-olds may not appeal to babies approaching the 1-year mark.

What to look for in a quality budget baby boy toy


The best baby toys stimulate your baby’s brain. Toys that help your baby learn new words or recognize shapes are both fun and educational. According to the National Institutes of Health, musical toys can improve your baby’s detection of auditory patterns. Infants primarily rely on their sense of touch, meaning toys with various textures tend to be the most stimulating.


Avoid toys with small pieces and sharp edges. Pay close attention to the materials used and avoid toys made with BPA. Keep an eye on your baby when playing with soft toys or toys attached to blankets, as they may pose a suffocation risk. Also, consider the toy’s weight, as heavy objects may hurt your child if they accidentally drop them.


Although toys with music and sounds are stimulating, make sure the volume isn’t too high. According to the NIH, repeated exposure to loud noises can be detrimental to your baby’s hearing and may lead to stress.

How much you can expect to spend on a budget baby boy toy

Baby toys range in price depending on brand, size and features. But you can expect to find a quality baby toy for around $20.

Budget baby boy toy FAQ

How often should I switch out my baby’s toys?

A. As your baby gets older, it’s beneficial to buy new toys suited for their age range. Rotating your child’s toys as they grow older will aid in their development.

What types of toys can my infant take to bed with them?

A. It’s best to keep toys out of your infant’s crib until they are at least a year old. Keeping the crib free of toys will significantly reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

What’s the best budget baby boy toy to buy?

Top budget baby boy toy

Fisher-Price Laugh Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

What you need to know: Your child can play with this walker toy while sitting or walking.

What you’ll love: The puppy’s nose lights up when you press it, and the plastic book on the puppy’s chest helps your child learn their numbers and alphabet. This toy features seven activities and is a great way to help your child learn to walk. Many users noted their children enjoyed playing with this toy for years.

What you should consider: This walker can move too fast if used on hardwood floors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and BuyBuyBaby

Top budget baby boy toy for the money

Baby Einstein Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker Musical Toy

What you need to know: This musical toy plays numerous melodies when shaken.

What you’ll like: It features a fun jellyfish design that glows in various colors when activated. This toy has numerous textured ropes for your child to inspect, and the lights and sounds are easy for children to activate. It’s small and light enough for long car rides.

What you should consider: Some buyers felt this toy was too loud.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Baby Einstein Tinker’s Crawl Along Songs Tummy Time Toy

Baby Einstein Tinker’s Crawl Along Songs Tummy-Time Toy

What you need to know: This toy is ideal for children 6 months and older, making it a perfect option for tummy time.

What you’ll love: This baby toy features a dozen different melodies and three languages, and it even helps teach your baby shapes and numbers. Many parents said their children played with this toy for hours at a time. Plus, the toy rolls around as your baby plays with it.

What you should consider: Many buyers reported that this toy stopped rolling after a few months.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and BuyBuyBaby


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