CMU gets the Assist as Thunder Mountain Scores New Hoops

CMU gets the Assist as Thunder Mountain Scores New Hoops

Thunder Mountain Elementary School wanted more basketball hoops for its students to play with.

With the lack of hoops, there were kids who wanted to play basketball but weren't able to because there weren't enough spots for everyone to play.

However, they did not know where they would get them.

Hailee Wagner, a student at Thunder Mountain, talked to her dad about the school's lack of hoops. Her dad is Colorado Mesa women's basketball coach Taylor Wagner, and he decided to step in and donate CMU's extra hoops.

"We talked to the athletic directors and president Tim Foster," Taylor Wagner said. "Everyone decided it would be a great idea to donate to Thunder Mountain and give these kids an opportunity to play."

Wagner used to run his youth camps outside of CMU's campus where they would use the other hoops. He has transitioned to indoor facilities and had the extra hoops lying around in storage.

"It's kind of like a swimming pool, if you're not using it, it's not any good," Wagner said.

Most of them now belong to Thunder Mountain. Ever since the hoops were installed by FCI Constructors the kids love to ball out.

"It's really great because everyone gets an opportunity to play now." Hailee Wagner said.

On Thursday, the school formally introduced the new hoops and had a clinic with CMU men's and women's coaches and players to help teach Thunder Mountain students how to play basketball.

"I love this because it promotes healthy life styles for kids, girls and boys," District 51 interim superintendent Diana Sirko said. "We said we hope they all aspire to be CMU basketball players."

There were also a few hoops donated to Tope Elementary School. Taylor Wagner says they still have some more hoops and would love to donate them to other schools in the valley.

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