CMU Holds Memorial Service for Running back Brett Ojiyi

CMU Holds Memorial Service for Running back Brett Ojiyi

On Thursday night at the Colorado Mesa football practice field, there was a memorial service for senior running back Brett Ojiyi. Ojiyi died of a gun-shot wound to the chest in the early hours of Saturday morning of September 22.

The service was open to the public and many of Brett's teammates were in attendance along with his friends, CMU students, and athletes.

Head coach Russ Martin gave an opening statement about Brett and followed up with some inspirational remarks.

"He really was a good young man," Martin said. "Great heart, very caring attitude. Probably loyal to a little bit of a default, but I think sometimes he allowed himself to be influenced by others in a negative way. But he had a great heart."

That was followed by a longer speech, where they ended the service by lighting candles. It was an emotional night with the service lasting about half an hour.

It was obvious that Brett had a big impact on the people around him and coach Martin spoke about what he meant to him and the team.

"I'm going to miss that infectious smile," Martin added. "He was a young man that had a way of helping others laugh. If you would've seen him in the cafeteria during fall camp, we had some dance-off contests and he always wanted to be involved. He could help everyone else smile."

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