Denver Broncos Put on Purple for a Good Cause

Denver Broncos Put on Purple for a Good Cause

All week long, the Denver Broncos organization has been gearing up for Saturday. That's because for the first time the Broncos and the Alzheimer's Association teamed up to try to spread awareness on the incurable disease.

In order to get the word out the players, coaches and fans all wore purple and were given purple towels that say 'Broncos Country.' This was important to the community because by the year 2020 there will be more people with Alzheimer's than seats in Mile High Stadium.

"This is not just something that is impacting us as a Broncos family," executive director of community development Allie Pisching said. "It's impacting the entire state and the entire country. That's why we feel it's so important to increase awareness on this disease."

The fans donated while at UCHealth Training Center, but you can also donate online at

"There is no cure," Pisching said. "So increasing donations for research, awareness and getting the word out is the least we can do and Saturday will be the perfect kick start to that. Our goal for the Broncos Country Page for donations is $76,125. That is the amount of seats at Broncos Stadium at Mile High."

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