Jamie Hamilton Reflects on 2018 JUCO World Series

Jamie Hamilton Reflects on 2018 JUCO World Series

The 2018 JUCO world series was a hit with great weather and even better baseball. After 19 games and a total attendance of 125,000, the Chipola Indians walked away as back to back National Champions.

The most Suplizio field has seen during the tournament was 132,000, which was before the Grand Junction Rockies adopted Suplizio.

"The biggest accomplishment is that we got through safely, everyone had fun," head chairman of the JUCO World Series, Jamie Hamilton said. "Obviously there are hiccups and concerns. For the most part people put up with the parking issues, put up with getting around the community with all the people in town. It's just who we are, and at the end of the day that's why we continue to do it."

There were over 80 unpaid volunteers who helped out over the non-stop week of baseball. As far as changes go, Hamilton said that they are going to try to tweak the 'coin-flip rule', which caused some controversy when Chipola beat No. 1 Walters State, lost the coin toss, and had play in a semi-final to get to the national championship game.

The rule will be discussed during the 2018's winter meetings, but is under the direction of the NJCAA. But Hamilton and the community was overall very pleased with how the tournament played out and even saw some national recognition from the New York Times.

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