JUCO's United Nations Team

JUCO's United Nations Team

Winning the Junior College World Series is a major achievement. But, just making it to Grand Junction can make a team's season.

The Monroe Mustangs punched their ticket to the Grand Valley for the first time in program history. Being a community college in New York, not a lot of people gave them a shot. The Mustangs didn't win the tournament, but they did pick up their first win against No. 8 Jefferson, making their mark on a national scale.

The even more impressive part is that this team is almost 100 percent international. Looking at the roster from top to bottom players moved from Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other places to America to follow their dreams.

Almost every player said that the transition from leaving their families and home was difficult for many reasons, but they found a team in New York where they consider each other family.

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