New MLB Proposal Could Cut Grand Junction Rockies


The End of the GJ Rockies

Major League Baseball had a meeting and made a proposal that could cut 42 minor league baseball teams across the nation, including the Grand Junction Rockies.

The MLB owners voted in support of the proposal, 30 votes to none. However, the MLB has yet to meet with the MiLB.

According to Jeff Lantz, MiLB Director of Communication, there will be two meetings between the MLB and MiLB in the next three weeks to renegotiate the current agreement.

This current agreement expires September 15, 2020. So, even if the proposal passes it wouldn’t affect the upcoming minor league season.

“What we’ve been told is that there hasn’t been a ton of discussion. Just, ‘what do you think about this?'” Lantz said. “Some people voted for it, so they sent us a proposal, and obviously it’s not something we weren’t looking to see.”

The MLB wants to cut the 40+ clubs to save more money so it can upgrade minor league facilities to major league standards, pay the players more, move clubs closer to the major league affiliates, reduce the travel distance for games, among other wants.

“We’ve got our negotiating team ready,” Lantz said. “The thing for everyone to remember is, especially for markets who have teams on the hit list, this is just an initial proposal, it can be months before anything is settled on this.”

Lantz added that MiLB’s goal is to save all 160 markets who have teams so none of them get cut. However, if the proposal does go through the entire Pioneer League (that the GJ Rockies are in) would be gone. There would only be three minor league teams left in the Mountain Standard Time zone.

KREX will keep you updated on the upcoming meetings and more as the story develops.

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