GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — For as long as he can remember, Spencer Robbiano has had a love and admiration for mascots. 

From Cam the Ram, Rowdy the Maverick, Dinger, Mr. JUCO and so many more, seeing these big furry friends has always been the highlight for Spencer. 

But 2 years ago, after just one glimpse at Waldo Wildcat, Spencer became determined to make a change and update Fruita’s mascot.

From fundraising, designing and planning, creating a brand new mascot is no easy task, and isn’t exactly cheap either. After a year of hard work and determination, Spencer and his mother, Kelly, turned an idea into a reality.

On the first day of classes on Wednesday, Spencer will unveil the new and improved Waldo to the World and KREX 5 has got you covered.