A woman who says she’s the daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has filed a defamation suit against Jones and two other men, saying that the trio spread lies and misinformation portraying her as an “’extortionist’ and a ‘shakedown artist,’” according to ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr.

Alexandra Davis, 26, filed a suit against Jones last year alleging that Jones had paid her $375,000 and set up two trusts in an attempt to hide the fact that she is his daughter. In this new suit, Davis says Jones publicly made “false statements and accusations” attacking her character.

“Not once did Defendant Jones or any of his agents ever deny that Plaintiff was Defendant Jones’ daughter,” Davis’ Dallas lawyers, Jay K. Gray and Andrew A. Bergman, wrote in their defamation complaint. “Instead, Defendant Jones chose the avenue of calling his own daughter an ‘extortionist’ merely to make his own public image less despicable by attempting to discredit Plaintiff’s reputation and character in the public eye.”

The other two men named as defendants in the suit are Donald T. Jack Jr., Jones’ longtime friend and Arkansas lawyer, and Jim Wilkinson, Jones’ outside communications consultant.

Davis asked in her original 2022 lawsuit to be recognized by the court as Jones’s daughter, and to be released from the confidentiality agreement her mother had agreed to when she was an infant. The court ordered Jones to take a paternity test in December, which will not happen until May at the earliest.

A spokesperson for Jones told ESPN last year that Bergman told Jones’s attorney, Levi G. McCathern II, that it would take “Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] or Dak [Prescott] money” to make Davis’ suit go away. Bergman denied ever asking for money to settle the case, per ESPN.