GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — From young to old, everyone has a reason they enjoy the Hot Air Balloon festival.

“Think the best thing about going up in the hot air balloon is probably when you get up in the air and if you look that way you can see the lake and you can almost feel the water but you can’t” A young hot air balloon fan stated.

“What the most beautiful site is when you look up and see all those balloons in the air of Craig and Moffat county” A long time Craig resident mentioned.

With each passing year the hot air balloon festival gains more traction, with more balloonists like pilot Kateyln Salazar of New Mexico coming from out of state.

Salazar uttered, “Its just amazing, and it’s a small festival, but a new place to fly, and its always fun to meet new people and fly in different areas.”

Part of what makes this festival so unique is the different styles of balloons.

“On every different one up here you see a different design, and its like every person is unique” A young hot air balloon fan stated.

To get a good spot and see all the wonderful colors, you better get out there early.

“Come out either for the morning or the evening. You want to get out here early in the evening probably before sunset” Salazar mentioned.

Aside from amazing views, where else can you get a chance to cool off and dip your feet in the river water like this?

“We call it a splash and dash.”

Whether you watch from the ground or ride the sky, Craig’s growing balloon festival is one place your guaranteed to have fun.