GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)–The “Inflation Reduction Act” encompasses a lot of different things–from healthcare to conservation; but the biggest chunk of the $373 billion bill is going towards clean energy. While fossil fuels will most likely still be around in 30 years, Senator Michael Bennet says it’s important to get the transition to clean energy started now.

Solar energy and electric vehicles were the focus of the clean energy portion of the bill, and one requirement is rather than relying on China for parts manufacturing for solar electric and EV’s–they will be sourced right here in the U.S.

America is leading the way in innovation for clean energy technology. One of the key players in that innovation is located right here on the Western Slope: the Delta-Montrose Electric Association. “Just our innovative spirit, you know, we’re kind of facing a new chapter in our history and that is through renewable energy” said Kent Blackwell, interim CEO of DMEA.

Times are changing, and it’s time we change with them because energy reliant on fossil fuels is becoming obsolete.