GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “100 years ago they were selling bikes right here in this exact same location” store owner, Chris Brown stated.

Since then, the name may have changed, but the mission is still the same. helping Grand Junction residents pedal their way to better health in the great outdoors. Owner Chris Brown started Brown’s Cycle 22 years ago and says he’s simply moving local tradition forward.

Brown echoed, “This has always been a bike town, it’s just that nobody knows it.”

Some of our streets were named after bike guys—like McMullin Dr. named after Sam Mcmullen, of HomeLoan, or Struthers Ave. named after the bicycling sheriff.

“The Coors Classic came through here, so we had Greg Lemon” Brown stated.

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The history of Grand Junction is rich with bike history, which is why Brown says its only right his shop caters to locals.

Brown added, “We see people from Washington, Minnesota, all over, you know fly in to ride our trails, but honestly 99% my business comes from locals.”

And in 22 years he’s seen a lot of change.

“The real customer for the last 40 years are the baby boomers that were in college in the 70’s, and now they’re 70” Brown recalled.

But his shop sticks with pedal power.

Brown mentioned, “Big fat wide tire on snow, great. What about on sandy roads like Dobe’s by the airport? Great too, so now we can ride all over the place.”

Sure you can order online, but around here?

“There’s something about going into the store and meeting the owner” Brown uttered.

Winter is as good a time as any to get your bike tuned up before spring cycles back around, and it’s time to hit the trails again.