Clifton, Co. (KREX) — Commuters in the Clifton area are once again going to see more orange barrels on the road. The Colorado Department of Transportation is in the opening phase of a highway improvement project on US Highway 6.

The project, part of CDOT’s “10 year plan”, aims to make the area west of the Clifton I-70 intersection to just east of 5th St. more safe and derivable. Adding two roundabouts, center medians, and another eastbound lane. The project also has biking and pedestrians in mind. CDOT claims the project will make it safer for some 400 children who go to Clifton Elementary. They say, in the mean time they will be working closely with the school to make sure kids can still get to school safely during construction.

The area is no stranger to traffic cones. Utilities construction just recently wrapped up in the business and home dense area. “We appreciate your patience.” said CDOT representative Elise Thatcher. “I know that it’s been challenging at times, and this means there will be more construction. So thank you for your patience we’re doing everything we can to move as quickly and safely as possible this is a little bit of a long-haul project.” CDOT aims to have the project done sometime in the fall of 2024. CDOT say’s one of its goals during construction is to keep travel open in both directions.

Business owners and residents in the area are encouraged to sign up for stakeholders updates. And travel impacts will be posted in real time at