It was another cold day during a trial that chills most people to the bone, day six of the People V Cohee.

One of Cohee’s closest friends who still considers Brian a friend to this day took the witness stand for the second day in a row.

Monday, Brian’s bestie told prosecutors Cohee does know the difference between right and wrong, but Tuesday she told the defense she can’t possibly know what’s in Cohee’s head.

She says Cohee had a morbid curiosity, interested in grotesque things, like killing, and serial killers since freshmen year of high school.

The prosecution presented her with a comic strip Cohee drew and shared with her in the past illustrating a morbid sense of humor as a customer asks a gothic waitress, “Where’s the food?” The goth waitress responds, “I’m the food!” The last illustration of the four shows a decapitated bloody head in a bed.

The witness said Cohee was no different than any other friend of hers. She said they all share patches of tough times with their mental health as a young adults, and talked about the morning of March 1st when the two shared breakfast before Cohee was said to peel out from the driveway of her mother’s home moments before he was arrested for murder.

The prosecution then called a current investigator with the District Attorney’s Office to the stand, who was a detective at the time of the murder. He booked Cohee’s cell phone and wallet into evidence.

Prosecutors showed the jury surveillance video from the Shell gas station at 1st Street and Grand Avenue. It shows Cohee pulling in to fill up the night of the murder, February 27th about 10:30 pm.

Last Friday, January 20, they showed video of Cohee’s interrogation and confession. He tells investigators that night he was driving around for so long seeking a victim he had to stop to fill up, and accidentally cut his hand on the very knife he used to murder Barnes.

After Cohee left that shell station, video evidence from multiple court house cameras including cameras from the sheriff’s office showed Cohee driving right past the justice center at 10:56pm on his way to the Crosby underpass.

Officials say that was just four minutes before the brutal murder of Barnes.

The trial continues Wednesday and KREX will be there.