GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Campaign volunteers met at Perditas coffee to get final planning hearings for the rec center the community says it desperately needs percolating. Low attendance didn’t stop the co-chair of the Grand Junction community campaign, Andrea Krieves. here’s how she says the funding will work.

“Two-part funding mechanism between the cannabis tax, and also the zero-point one four percent sales tax which is the lowest of any community here on the western slope to build a rec center” voiced, co-chair of the Grand Junction community campaign, Andrea Krieves.

Not only is the city looking at two sources of funding, and keeping estimates the future cannabis tax conservative.

Krieves stated, “So it provides a little bit of flexibility in case one or the other is lower, they’re both there to balance it out. The sales tax will sunset after thirty years, and the cannabis tax will remain to help pay for operations and maintenance.”

If the rec center passes on the April 4th ballot, the point one four sales tax would kick in this summer, and the final proposal would have to be completed within the year.

“And then doors would open in the fall of 2025” Krieves mentioned.

Residents have been pleading for a rec center for years, and April 4th is their chance to vote yes on a place where everyone in the family can hang out together at one location.

Krieves uttered, “There are places in the community where kids can go that are great. There are spaces for adults to go that are great. There are not many places where families can go all together where families can go to have one convenient spot for multiple kid activities.”

Andrea says she’s confident the community will support it.

“A facility that brings joy, health, and wellness to our community” Krieves stated.

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