GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — French is seen as a language of romance and beauty. It’s associated with culture and class. It’s no wonder kids at Grand Junction High School enjoy learning the language of love with this month’s D51 Golden Apple winner, Jodee Cronk. 

Nearly 300 million people speak French worldwide, so I asked Mrs. Cronk what makes it so appealing? ”Kids love it because it’s a beautiful language, and I think the food draws a lot of kids too. All of my foodies take French because they want to go to France and eat good food.”

For some of those students, that dream’s about to come true. Every three years, Mrs. Cronk takes a group of kids to France to experience the culture, and the food, first hand. The next trip is coming up in May. 

But it’s not just her dedication as a teacher that made us choose Mrs. Cronk for a Golden Apple Award. She also helped organize and grow a program that helps give back to kids in need. What started as a toiletry drive has grown into an entire store stocked with deodorant, feminine products, shoes, clothes, and there’s even a prom dress and formal wear exchange. All free to the students. 

“The Tiger Boutique and Haberdashery is a free store for students, and often the community too, where people can come in and get anything that they need for absolutely free. Clothing, toiletries, shoes, prom dresses, anything.”

If you would like to help support the Tiger Boutique and haberdashery, you can send an email to Thank you Mrs. Cronk for your dedication to teaching, and helping, the kids at Grand Junction High School.