We went out to Palisade High School to recognize a teacher who we’re told knows how to keep the fun in science. Cody Klaiber teaches Chemistry at PHS.

When we caught up with Mr. Klaiber, we asked him, why he thinks it’s important to get kids engaged in science. 

“I think it’s important to make it engaging just because science can sometimes, not be someone’s favorite subject and getting kids to engage in something that’s important for the rest of their lives, and to understand science, especially to understand maybe climate sciences, which is something that the new generation is needing.”

Mr. Klaiber told us that one reason he went into teaching was because of how much he enjoys interacting with people, and getting to combine his knowledge of science with interacting with kids is fun. 

PHS Principal, Dan Bollinger tells us “when he talked about wanting to interact with kids, he truly interacts with kids, for Cody it’s not about necessarily teaching science, it’s about teaching kids.”

Thank you Mr. Klaiber for your dedication as a teacher and being an outstanding part of the School District 51 team.