GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — A couple of hundred residents from the Western Slope gathered at the Grand Junction Convention Center, to cheer on three of the eight Republicans running for U.S. Senate, a seat Senator Michael Bennet has held since 2009.

Candidates discussed energy and education policy changes, but the main message supporters watched was an attack on Democrats.

Ron Hanks, a Republican running for U.S. Senate, says, “we have tyranny in our midst at the state and federal level, that’s why I’m running.”

Ron Hanks currently represents Colorado’s 60th District in the Colorado House of Representatives. In the midst of climate change and severe drought in Colorado, Hank’s focus remains oil and gas.

Hanks also says, “I worked in the energy field and what this administration-regime, whatever you prefer I do has done to our energy policy, it has destroyed it.”

Gregory Moore, a professor at Colorado Christian University, who admits, he’s studied politics, but never done politics, used the same line of attack.

Moore, says ” lack of affordability, crazy energy prices. I think  they’re all due to the Democrats policy.”

Last up was Deborah Flora, a former conservative radio host, who believes Congress should be more transparent.

Flora says, “who here is tired of no accountability for the non-sense that is going on in Washington D.C.”

The candidates also attacked critical race theory, a topic most schools, including School District 51 simply do not teach.

Moore also says, “We got to fight against critical race theory and we got to get people on the Board of  Education.”

Among supporters in the audience, was embattled Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters. All smiles despite multiple state and federal investigations for her alleged role in tampering with election equipment and lawsuits alleging ethics violations.