Mesa County Elections just sent 105 thousand ballots out to eligible voters which according to election professionals is more than in previous years. Mesa county election manager Stephanie Wenholz told KREX that many of the questions people might have, have answers right on their ballot, like explaining how to vote and outlining local ballot issues.   She also told us there’s an app to keep track of your vote once you’ve mailed or dropped it off. Ballot Trax is a tool for citizens to be able to get notifications. The tracking isn’t just for the tech-savvy either, Stephanie told us, “If they don’t have a computer, they’re also welcome to call our office and we can set them up where they can get voicemails or texts.

You can either mail your ballot or find one of 8 drop-off locations throughout the county. Ballots are due November 8th by seven pm. Postmarks don’t count so make sure those ballots are in by 7 pm.

It’s also not too late for getting registered to vote or get information updated. If you need to do either, you can go to or to the election offices where they will help you out.