According to an affidavit released on August 2nd: late last year, a claim was made against Red Rock Auto Group regarding an instance of forgery and identity theft.  The claim came as a result of contact between Canvas Credit Union and Mia Bozof and William Burton the third, a couple attempting to verify information on a vehicle loan application.  The affidavit states the couple had been in talks with Red Rock GMC seeking to trade in their 2016 Fiat 500x to purchase a 2017 brown Dodge Durango.  When they called the Credit Union at 1:07 pm and spoke to an employee named Myra, she informed the pair that she just got off the phone with a duo claiming to be Bozof and Burton minutes before.

The earlier call Myra received came from a number later revealed to belong to Red Rock finance manager Matthew Morris, who prior had informed Bozof and Burton an error had occurred with their financing and as a result, he would send more applications to other lenders.  However, some information on the auto application Canvas received was incorrect, including that the vehicle would have running boards, rear bucket seats, a rear entertainment system, and blind-spot monitors.  Added features that would have cost an extra 400 dollars that the couple never agreed to.  Following their conversation both Myra and the couple realized the earlier call must have been employees with the dealership prompting a police report to be filed on September 28th, 2022, and the termination of employees Matthew Morris and Tiffany Miller.

Criminal investigator Kristi Knowles led an investigation into the case, interviewing Morris who claimed for the few months he worked with Red Rock it was common practice to make these calls, even adding he felt pressured to make them.  He stated he wasn’t terminated for making the call but rather for getting caught according to the affidavit.  Morris also confirmed Tiffany Miller’s role in the call, although when contacted by Knowles, Miller denied it.  The affidavit claims she lied to the investigator, saying she left Red Rock GMC because her commute was too long and that that information could be corroborated by Red Rock’s HR department.  But, when presented with evidence of her involvement, Tiffany eventually said she did make the call because she felt forced to and that she regretted working for Red Rock but didn’t necessarily regret making the call.

A following interview with Red Rock’s HR manager Amy Felix was conducted. Felix stated when filing Miller’s termination form, she was instructed by general manager Tyson Chambers to falsify the form because he “didn’t want to ruin her life.”  Chambers was interviewed following this.  He claimed he didn’t remember the specifics but did confirm he was the one who terminated Miller.