GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “745 people died last year on Colorado roads and highways” voiced, Spokesperson national public safety foundation, David Reich.

That’s up more than ten percent from the year before, and the highest it’s been since 1981.

Reich stated, “We want everyone to keep their eyes on the road and pay attention to what you’re doing. When you’re behind the wheel driving is your primary task.”

It’s easy to get distracted on the road. Distractions come in a slew of ways you’ve probably never considered.

“Doing things like tuning the radio or adjusting the GPS” Reich added.

David has a long list of possible distractions but the biggest one is your cell phone.

Reich uttered, “If you’re looking down on your cell phone it takes maybe three or four seconds to look at a text. Well during those three to four seconds, you’re traveling the distance of the football field.”

That’s an awful long time to be driving blind. Even a simple conversation with a passenger may distract you which is why.

“It’s up to you to speak up, because everyone’s life is at stake including your own” Reich mentioned.

That’s especially the case for younger drivers, which is why David says safe driving starts with parenting.

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Reich uttered, “We as adults need to remember young people watch what we do, and they may not listen to you, but they watch what you’re doing.”

So it’s up to us as adults and as parents to focus at all times. If you think you aren’t a distracted driver, take the quiz online, you may be shocked at your results.