CARBONDALE, Colo. (KREX)— In December of 2019, KREX first told you the story of Sophia Larson, a 5-year-old Garfield County girl who died after overdosing on meth her mother and family members carelessly left out. Now her father Alec Larson is looking to spread awareness of the dangers of meth and opioids.

It wasn’t fair. She was 5 years old, for her life to be taken from her like that, from people so close to her. They were all family members.

Alec Larson, Sophia’s father

Larson told KREX he’s helping a production team make a documentary about Sophia’s story. “Hopefully [we’ll] be able to save someone’s life whether it’s a child or adult maybe it will open someone’s eyes to the reality of what this drug does,” Larson said.

In our interview Larson called the opioid crisis a “pandemic,” and statistics from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment agree. CDPHE statistics show deaths due to synthetic drugs doubled from 2019 to 2020, and for 2021 alone all drug-related deaths in the state totaled nearly 2,000.

Sophie’s case isn’t a one in a million.

Alec Larson, Sophia’s father

Larson told KREX a release date for the documentary is not official.

As for the people responsible for Sophia Larson’s death her mother Stephanie Alvarado is now serving 32 years in prison. Daniel Alvarado was sentenced to 15 years. The third person involved Bertha Ceballos-Romo is yet to be sentenced. The Garfield County District Attorney’s office told KREX Tuesday there is an active warrant for her arrest in Colorado and Their office is working on extradition from Nevada.