GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — This weekend in Lincoln Park the Flying Hero Club gave children—differently abled, fighting illnesses, or in the foster care system a chance to be superheroes for one day.

The Flying Hero Club was founded by Jim Churchman. To pay bills Churchman is a stunt coordinator for superhero movies—from Marvel to Superman to X-men.

In Lincoln Park, kids were strapped up to the same setup that would make Henry Cavill fly in Superman.

Everyone who helps run the Flying Hero Club does it for free—they pay their way and for their hotels to help bring smiles to children’s faces.

But this weekend’s events almost didn’t happen.

Due to technical difficulties on Friday night, Jim and Lincoln Folkers needed to find a way back to Los Angeles for a machine part they needed.

Late Friday night they were able to find a plane to fly to L.A. and back in time for the 9 A.M. start time on Saturday morning.

“There are forces here moving that are beyond my understanding,” Jim Churchman said.