GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “I have seen the needs grow, there are a lot of families trying to feed their kids and so things like clothes, and shoes, and even underwear are hard to get when they’re trying to feed their kids ” voiced, GJHS teacher, Jodee Cronk.

What started as an overflow of products from a toiletry drive for homeless youth in a service-learning advisory class, ended up becoming a vital service to help students.

Cronk added, “Word quickly spread; we had a lot more kids coming. We decided to add clothes then shoes, school supplies, and turned into prom and homecoming dresses and everything in between.”

“I saw how they were running it, and I was just like this a good thing, and I wanted to start volunteering” uttered from GJHS student, Charles Carpenter.

Students like Charles help keep the resources available for his peers 24/7.

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Cronk mentioned, “We’re open multiple times a day, before school, after school, lunch during our study time.”

The process is fairly easy to get something from the haberdashery. Simply ask for it. One of the best things about the haberdashery is they have a fitting room. So, if you see something you like and it’s just not the size or the style isn’t you, they’ve got you covered. Students love the chance to thrift, share, and wear.

“That just takes away the stigma. Kids are more likely to go in and shop with their friends and pick out things they need without getting embarrassed” Cronk believes.

The shops wonderful services don’t just stop at it students. The tiger’s haberdashery even on occasion invites the public to come in and get what they need.

Cronk stated, “We just advertised on social media, and families can come in and shop for everything that they need.”

Something that brings students like Charles…Joy.

“It just feels good to help people who might need that” Charles added.

The young tigers are doing a wonderful thing helping each other and the community. It’s a school project that teaches students and others a valuable lifelong lesson.

Charles believes “You don’t need to be some kind of hero to be a good person.”