Teenagers and children’s increase in emergency room and hospital admissions has increase 60% for suicidal ideation. This is a very real issue and it’s not just for depression, it’s where kids are actually committing suicide. The holidays can be wonderful time of year, but not for all. It increases the chance for children, especially teens, girls and even those who may abuse drugs and alcohol more suspectable to depression. Loss of friends or awkward family interactions are just some of the signs parents and guardians can look out for during the off time of holiday breaks.

The best thing you can do for your child is spend time with them and have day to day conversations. If you see they are losing interest in hobbies or sleeping or eating a lot more or a lot less this may be a sign they are experiencing depression. So, if you have this relationship with your child you can ask if their doing okay with their mental health. They are more likely to tell you what’s going on if you create this trusting relationship with them previously.

Some things they might be thinking about during the holidays is their family’s financial stress compared to other friends and divorced parents can be troubles contributing to teens anxiety and depression.

So, have conversations, get your kids outside and seek professional help is necessary over the holiday breaks.

Your presence is the best present you can give your kids this holiday season.

Health and wellness expert and father of two, Dr. Gregory Charlop has more information on his website.