MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) — Built in 1911, one of Montrose’s oldest buildings is set for a new life, this time as a boutique hotel.

The building was originally built by the Knights of Pythias and William Woody, public information officer with the city of Montrose, said “from when it was first built until 2012 it was in constant use.” Then why was it abandoned? A 2012 fire caused the building to be gutted and until November 1st it was just standing there collecting dust.

“It’s going to be a design-forward boutique hotel,” said Clay Bales the building’s co-owner. Bales and his partner purchased the building in August for just under $800,000 already armed with their idea for renovation. “It will be storied to the building’s past with the Knights of Pythias,” Bales said. You can already see the link to the building’s history with its name; Rathborne Hotel.

“Justice Rathborn was the founder of the Knights of Pythias,” said Bales.

The new 17-room hotel will benefit more than just the owners. “We need more hotel rooms,” said Woody,” having more hotel rooms in downtown helps too.” Tourism will increase along with city revenue. Woody told KREX that the city makes most of its money from sales and hotel taxes.

Bales said they started on the exterior work today and plan to start working on the interior at the start of the new year. The entire project is projected to be done in 2024.