GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Jamie Cardenas appeared in Mesa County District Court for a pre-trial hearing. He faces charges stemming from a 2011 crime spree and murder.

The road to Wednesday’s pre-trail hearing was not an easy one. Cardenas was only extradited to Colorado in 2019 after being found in Mexico. After extradition Cardenas was found to be incompetent to stand trial which delayed the case. Prosecutors say Cardenas is now competent to stand trial.

Former Grand Junction Police Department detective Cody Kennedy was the only witness who testified in front of the court during the hearing. As one of the detectives working the case back in 2011, he presented a timeline of July 16th, 2011 to the court.

Kennedy said on the morning of July 16th, a man in a hoodie and sunglasses robbed Advance America in grand junction—getting away with approximately 600 dollars. Kennedy alleged Cardenas was the man in the store based on surveillance video, and claims made by alleged co-conspirator Christian Fuentes.

Later in the day on July 16th, Kennedy testified, 4 men—Lester Miranda-Davis, Fidel Silva, Fuentes, and Cardenas burglarized a home on Chestnut Court, stealing 2 handguns—a 1911 45 caliber and 357 Ruger Black Hawk—and some jewelry. Miranda-Davis rented a U-Haul and the group allegedly attempted to steal a safe that was in the garage, but neighbors chased them away.

From there, Kennedy says the group stopped by Teller Arms Liquor, where he alleges Cardenas was the member of the group who held up the store, stealing approximately $2,000 and a laptop while using one of the guns they just stole.

Kennedy said both Miranda-Davis and Fuentes drove around and found who they believed to be members of a rival gang. Kennedy testified after returning to the hotel, the group went after what they allegedly called a trophy killing. This lead up to several shots being fired at the Taco Bell on North Avenue—resulting in two injured and one dead, Jorge Carrasco.

everytime we have to come to court it’s like ripping open a wound again.

Kendra Kelly, former partner of Jorge Carrasco

Carrasco and Kendra Kelly had a 10-year-old child at the time of Carrasco’s death. That child is now in their early 20s and still, not all the alleged participants of Carrasco’s death have faced trial. Christian Fuentes was sentenced to 72 years and Lester Miranda-Davis was sentenced to 24 years. Fidel Silva is still on the lamb. Cardenas will appear in court again on March 29th at 4 pm in courtroom 11 to complete his pre-trial hearing.