GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Election season for our congressional district, Colorado District 3, is more than a year away, but still more and more candidates are throwing their hat in the ring on the Republican and Democratic sides.

Including Grand Junction lawyer Jeff Hurd.

This election the democrats are serious about it. They’re coming after this district. They recognize our incumbent is vulnerbale. They’re pouring millions of dollars into this race, and for me that’s a reminder that we need to have a serious and credible republican that’s representing us in the general election against what will be a very well funded democratic opponet.

Jeff Hurd, vying for GOP nomination in CO-3


Jeff Hurd is a Colorado native who grew up in the Grand Junction area. Hurd is married with 5 kids and his current occupation is as an attorney, “most of my law practice is representing rural electric co-operatives in the western part of the state.”

However, Hurd has never held political office.

This is my first time running in a race, but I feel called to serve the community and the district that raised me. This is the district I grew up in and to do so, again, with honor, with intregrity and decency

Jeff Hurd

Something critics think current representative Lauren Boebert is missing— Boebert who plans to run again in 2024—is embroiled in controversy after security cam footage showed her vaping, taking photos, disrupting the performance, and fondling her date at a showing of the play Beetlejuice in Denver.

For me personally I would committ as a member of Congress to never let my personal life get in the way.

Jeff Hurd

Hurd says his previous work, as a lawyer working with Western Slope co-ops will help him tackle one of the biggest issues we’re facing; energy. “I’m in support of an all of the above energy strategy but also a best of the above energy strategy,” said Hurd.

Hurd claimed the western slope has some of the cleanest natural gas molecules in the world and would explore further developing those resources. “I think there’s an opportunity there to develop those resources responsibly in a way that benefits our communities that creates jobs,” Hurd said.

From the Interview

Michael Logerwell: “If you were to win and if we were to be talking in November 2024 after a Jeff Hurd victory what would your priorities be in Congress?”

Jeff Hurd: “Well the first thing I would think of is hiring a well-regarded veteran here in the district as a community outreach coordinator to make sure our veterans are getting the care they deserve in the district…More generally the economy, making life better for working-class families here is a priority for me [as is] water, agriculture, and energy development.”

This will be no easy race for Hurd to win, general or GOP nomination. As of September 20th, 2023, 10 candidates have thrown their hats in the ring. According to the most recent donations filings with the Federal Elections Commission on June 30th, Adam Frisch leads the pack with $4,381,396.77 raised. The next highest is incumbent Lauren Boebert who has raised $1,581,903.48.

The next FEC filing deadline is October 15th. In less than a month, we’ll find out how much newcomers like Jeff Hurd, Grand Junction Mayor Anna Stout, and others are faring in the race to raise funds.