EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A group of migrants marched from the Sacred Heart Church located in the Segundo Barrio to the El Paso County Courthouse Wednesday, protesting inhumane treatment.

Most of them marching against the extension of Title 42, which was announced on Dec. 27. Many of them who have been using Sacred Heart Church as a sanctuary do not have the proper paperwork that would allow them to leave El Paso legally.

They now risk being expelled to Mexico which leaves them with nowhere to go. One man from Venezuela, Angelo Parra, says all he wants is to be accepted into the United States.

“We are asking for the government’s help in this case the legal process or a permit for us to continue on our journey. We can get our tickets, we have somewhere to go. we do not want to be on the streets begging, we don’t want shelter we want to get to our destination.”

There are those who are against the large surge of migrants who have been crossing over into El Paso, including Sarah Isabel Pantoja who is originally from Panama. She flies to and from El Paso to her home country in order to be able to study in the U.S.

However, she questions the intentions of those who have made the long journey.

“My question is going to be the same question, why the United States if they have the opportunity to stay in any other country in central America why the United States.”

Many migrants continue to sleep on the streets across the city, waiting for an opportunity to live out their American Dream.