A quiet, dry and near the temperature averages pattern is sticking around.

Ridge of high pressure is establishing itself between two jet streams. A northerly and a southerly jet with the Western Slope stuck right in the middle. That translates to very few snow storms for the short term forecast. Otherwise known as a dry break from the storms. This pattern will also keep a mostly clear sky with little in the way of temperature fluctuations. There could be a few weak disturbances moving through the northerly branch of the jet. At best this type of disturbance will slightly increase clouds and winds speeds, but very little in the way of precipitation can be expected.

Average high temperature for this time of the year at the Grand Junction Airport is in the upper 30 degree readings and the low temperatures tend to hover in the middle teens. Many locations will meet or slightly exceed these averages for the upcoming week. The sunsets for Grand Junction at 5:11 pm January 10, 2022 with a sunrise Tuesday at 7:33 am.